Shannon Medisky teaching

I loved being a teacher…

There was just one thing I struggled with: teaching. I’d set out to teach a lesson and halfway through, it’d become painfully obvious that there was something else—something much more important—that needed to be covered first.

If you’re familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

My students needed help feeling emotionally secure. They needed to build their self-esteem. They needed to learn how to safely feel and effectively manage their emotions. And all of this had to begin before they could even start to tackle—let alone acquire—new academic skills.

But little did I know I was instinctively teaching the same soft skills and emotional management strategies I’d later need to transform myself.

Fast forward a few years…

Suddenly, I was mom to two little boys—including one with a mountain of special needs, and I was utterly burnt out. I was exhausted and frankly didn’t even recognize (or like) the person I’d become as a result. In short, it sucked.

Clearly, what I’d been doing wasn’t working. Something had to change. And that “something” was me.

That’s how this site, the courses, and all the resources I create were born—out of necessity and desperation to essentially start myself over.

I’m happy (and relieved) to say that things are much better. But not because things have gotten any easier. In fact, in many ways, my circumstances have only become more challenging. Stress continues to rear its ugly head daily. Frustration still rises up inside of me. I’m still working on self-care and emotional management.

Shannon Medisky with her young boys
An oldie, but a goodie! My favorite picture with my boys circa 2014.
Shannon Medisky

But that’s been the critical difference between before and now: I’m actively working on it—just in small, incremental ways. Stress and negativity can snowball. But so can positive change.

Want a fresh start?
Want to learn some of the essential soft skills needed to build a better you?
Want to discover how to bounce back, stress less, and feel better?

Then, I invite you to join me.
Let’s get growing together!

PS – Let’s connect! You can find me a few other places online, too.

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